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Annual Reports

During 2023 we have seen many changes within the partnership, these have included a change in our Chair, new board members and new officers. Many of our projects during 2022 have now been completed and we have over 20 new projects to complete over 2023 and 2024. A new year, with new challenges that we're really excited about. David Harby is our new Chair, Rick and Helen are our new officers. We continue to grow as a partnership and engage with many more stations adoption groups and communities. The work planned over the coming year can be found in our latest report, linked below. 

Officers Report 2023

2022 has been extremely successful for a number of reasons, with the introduction of our new team member Rick who has taken on th
e community reach outside of the CRP to the new site you are reading this on. 

We have reached over ten
 communities ranging from more intimate projects to the ones that brought us together.

This could not have been achieved without all the amazing help we received from the local communities that have graciously hosted us. Not to mention the amazing partners that have provided us with the resources and guidance to thrive throughout 2022.

Amongst our other achievements, we were also lucky enough to take on Doncaster as another partner station, where we have been working with the team on new project ideas and new activities, which will include Rail safety awareness, considering installing planters and artwork across the many platforms. 


2022 Report ...

Planning Ahead

NNLCRP works within a 5-year strategy. Within this, we plan on 

Integrating Transport - in partnership with Community Rail Network, transport operators, local authorities, and community groups we aim to provide integrated transport in our area so as to reduce car use and rural isolation and help create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable environment.

  • Barnetby - Adoption by Barnetby Parish Council

  • Doncaster - at a board meeting held on 21 January 2022 it was agreed that we would add Doncaster station to our area. We will form a station adoption group and create an action plan for the station.

  • Gainsborough Central - minor improvements to the station and the creation of a Friends group

  • Gainsborough Lea Road -   improvements to the new platform 2 to be followed by a replacement platform 1, welcome to Gainsborough artwork (also planned for Central station)

  • Lincoln (in support of Lincoln Colonia Rotary, the station adopters) A sculpture of George Boole in the station forecourt along with a garden is expected to appear in the Summer of 2022.

  • Work with Network Rail to overcome problems associated with trespass and anti-social behavior at the site of a former level crossing in the city.

  • Retford - Support a newly created Friends group
    improvements to the upgrading of the Odsall subway and signage to the station

  • Saxilby - Support a newly created station adoption group

  • Worksop - artwork for platform 2 waiting room. Provision of a community room on platform 2

  • Shireoaks -mural for the waiting area on platform 2  and running in boards

  • Travel Guides - covering our area will be published in Summer 2022.

2021 Report ...

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