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Lincoln Central



Lincoln station, a Tudor-style building completed in 1848, is located in the centre of this important cathedral city, 136 miles north of London King's Cross station (a journey of 2 hours). Other trains serving Lincoln operate between Grimsby and Leicester and Peterborough and Doncaster.

What's in the Area?

Lincoln Cathedral

As you leave the station observe the George Boole sculpture. Boole was a self-taught Lincoln teacher who changed the perception of mathematics by creating Boolean logic, the basis of the digital age. Passing George Boole crosses the road and walks on through the Cornhill Quarter to the Wensum River. Turn right and walk to the High Steet crossing the River Witham on the High Bridge a much restored medieval bridge which, on your left, still carries 16th-century shops and houses, a unique feature in England. Walk on through the Stonebow Arch at the Guildhall an early 16th-century building, It has been home to the City Council since it was built. Walk straight on into the Straight passing the Jews House (the church borrowed money from a local Jew to build the Cathedral). Now you are faced with Steep Hill, the steepest street in England. At the top, you are rewarded with the Castle on the left and the Cathedral on the right. For those who would find Steep Hill daunting buses operate from the bus station opposite the railway station.

Lincoln Arboretum

As well as all the attractions in the city centre we highly recommend visiting the Arboretum'  a Victorian park restored in 2003.

Visit Lincoln has a wealth of places for you to visit and enjoy in the city.

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